Thanks for coming to see me bestie 😊 @genevarosalie #marleyfest #atx

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Good company 😄 @pikyniki @thenoiz_ @genevarosalie #goodtimes #weekend

Marley fest ☺️ with @genevarosalie @pikyniki @thenoiz_. #Austin #Marleyfest #reggae #goodvibes #nofilter


Catch me at your local college barely passing classes and wasting time

Nah I’m straight As, but it comes with a price.

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Trying to stay awake in a boring class


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Ohhhh man. Iam watching the live videos from OutKasts performance at Coachella and I’m appalled. Not by the hip-hop royalty that has graced the stage, arguably the best hip hop duo ever, but by the fucking life less crowd. This is disrespect at its high levels. How fucking dare you.

Andre and…


I am in love! My 7 legged rosehair is the sweetest girl 🌹#tarantula #tarantulasofinstagram #rosehair

I fucking want one so bad. Someday :/.

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if your bae on their period and you’re not at your utmost best/caring/nurturing towards em and instead act like you dealing with the biggest inconvenience the world got to offer, you prob dont deserve em.

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I wear this outfit far too often because I feel like this is what I was born to look like/wear and I can’t imagine being in anything else - the end.

(also I keep getting asked about the tube top arm band combo and it will be up on next week ;*)

Perfection only.

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Brown skin. Brown eyes. Full lips. Thick jet black hair. Handful of tits and ass. I love being a black womyn.

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I feel like I’m up here by my goddamn self…y’all still with us??

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